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A custom QR code will elevate your brand, projecting its true identity to your audience.

Avoid potential security issues by branding your identity into the code itself.

Designer QR codes

Can you tell the difference between these brands?



Nor can we. To the naked eye, all QR codes look similar.

Black and white QR codes are great.They’re fun and functional, but let’s face it - they all look the same.

Companies want them to represent their identity. Consumers want a more compelling call-to-action. We all want visual cues to engage with them.

Enter SETQR designer QR codes. SETQR are the pioneers and inventors of designer/branded QR codes, and the acknowledged global leaders.

A designer QR code projects the true property of your brand or identity to your audience.


QR codes help business

A designer QR code will elevate your business or brand, making you stand out from the crowd. SETQR are the pioneers and inventors of designer/branded QR codes, and the acknowledged global leaders.

A custom QR code projects the true property of your brand or identity to your audience, and maximises the full potential of this technology – there are also important security aspects associated with using custom codes.

The act of scanning a QR code is a leap of faith in technology – with a standard code in the public domain, anyone can put a sticker over the top and lead you anywhere they want you to go, including phishing and malware sites:

Standard QR codes just don’t cut it. Only one company creates custom QR codes to multinational brand standards - SETQR


Case Studies

Louis Vuitton

In April 2009, SETQR released the world's first designer code. Working in collaboration with Louis Vuitton and famed contemporary artist Murakami, SETQR combined art with technology to demonstrate to the world how designer QR codes could enhance a product marketing campaign.

Thai Airways A380 Airbus

Thai airways announced the arrival of its first Airbus A380 across global media with this custom QR that links to the video of the custom spray-job – check it out. This is a chunky plane. Nicknamed Sri Rattana in honour of a Buddhist temple, Thai Airways is the 9th global A380 operator.


Helipro approached SETQR for designer QR codes for its entire fleet of helicopters and support vehicles across their New Zealand operations. The branded codes also appear in tourist magazines and flyers, and all link to online video that show the helicopter experience via the company’s website.

Wired Magazine

Tech bible Wired wrote a story on designer QR codes, noting SETQR’s work and having a go at creating their own Wired code. Rising to the challenge, SETQR contacted Wired and donated three codes for their readers to vote on to help select the “official” Wired code.

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon wanted to add a unique touch to the Japan leg of the global campaign celebrating the work of Pop Art icon Andy Warhol and commissioned Warhol-esque QR codes. These codes would need to feature the champagne house's signature shield.

SETQR produced codes that mirrored the three neon hues of the bottles (blue, red & yellow ) and matched the aesthetic of the project, created by the Design Laboratory at London's Central Saint Martin's School of Art & Design. These codes appeared on stickers on the limited edition Dom Perignon x Andy Warhol champagne boxes. When scanned the QR code led to a mobile site. The site contained information about the campaign itself, the limited edition product range and a specially created video for the project.

Although the codes were designed for the Japanese campaign, the word spread quickly across the blogosphere about the codes. Driven by heavy Twitter and Facebook activity news of the project appeared on websites throughout Asia, Europe and the United States.

Marc Jacobs

SETQR continued its tradition of delivering original work to its clients by producing the first ever hand-drawn QR code for the luxury fashion brand, utilizing the Miss Marc character aesthetic for their mobile launch campaign.

Disney Mobile

Disney Mobile were relaunching their comprehensive mobile contents service and wanted a range of QR codes that reflected the excitement and the characters of the brand more than the generic black and white ones. They wanted codes that would stop traffic and drive users to the site. The "kawaii" factor was to feature largely in the design.

SETQR designed a series of codes that featured several of Disney's best loved characters. Due to the high standards set by the company it was important to ensure that the codes could be read by as many users as possible. SETQR enlisted the help of a partner firm to test handsets both old and new from a variety of manufacturers.

The code had a readability factor of 9 meaning that 90% of handsets could access the mobile website. The results were astounding. In just 3 days, the mobile site had been accessed by 1.5 million users. This was above and beyond any previous usage of QR codes for Disney Mobile and the client attributed the response to the revolutionary design of the codes.

The results were so positive that the client has retained SETQR to design additional codes for campaigns and to establish an ongoing relationship for future mobile projects.

Time Magazine

To promote their online edition and mobile site, TIME engaged SETQR to produce a series of designer codes tied to their iconic "red frame" campaign. These codes were featured in major magazines, including TIME, and on billboards in the US. The codes featured links to articles on the TIME website.


SETQR took to the skies creating the first-designer code for the lucrative Japanese pachinko industry. It was the first designer code for DC Comics and Warner Bros. and it appeared on t-shirts and on billboards in downtown Tokyo.

Auckland Waterfront

The Auckland Waterfront chose SETQR to inform and educate tourists through a series of 12 Designer QR codes. These large vinyl stickers were placed around the area's landmarks and linked to informative video clips.

Moet & Chandon

SETQR produced a designer code to sit at the center of Moet’s new campaign featuring Hollywood A-lister Scarlett Johannsen. The code played off the image of Scarlett opening a magnum of the iconic champagne.

In addition to appearing in leading women's fashion magazines, the designer code appeared on drink coasters distributed throughout Tokyo and premium coasters and bar-top POP materials for wine bars and restaurants.


World leaders in naval ship building, DCNS ordered a design from SETQR to promote their video content to reach a younger generation and increase the community on its Facebook page.

HBO/Boardwalk Empire

SETQR played a part in promotions for several programs from US cable television network HBO. Boardwalk Empire is set in Atlantic City during the prohibition era. The code appeared in special liftouts in major magazines including GQ and Vanity Fair, and was also used to make interactive bus shelter posters for the show in New York and Chicago.


These codes were featured front and centre for the Japan launch of Glaceau vitaminwater. The codes were part of a photo booth project, also produced by SETQR, that when scanned resolved to a blog where photos from the pop-up photo studio were featured each day.


Bulk generation

If you want us to create a custom QR code and to bulk generate the same design to target different URLs, SETQR can create a system for your needs. We offer several systems from user access and input, to supplying you with the finished product across various platforms. Please contact us and we will work with you to find the optimum solution.

BULK ORDER. Please enquire for estimate.ENQUIRE NOW

Simply send us a list of your desired content, we generate the lot and send back. Best if you only need to generate once.

If you need to generate ‘on demand’, then consider our website solution... Here you get your own customised web page, hosted on our servers, that allows you to generate what you need 24/7/365. This can be either one at a time, or upload a list of many then download the output all at once.

For the most demanding bulk processing needs, we can create an application that could run on your own servers, allowing the highest capacity generation, and giving you full control.



What are QR codes?

QR codes are matrix barcodes, arranged in a pattern, containing information. This might be a URL (website address), a piece of text, or other data.

QR stands for Quick Response, allowing users to access information at very high speeds.

These codes have become mobile-friendly ways to point people in the offline space to online resources. Think of them as a bridge – anywhere in the offline world, to anywhere in the online world.

How many Smartphones are there currently ?

Globally, there are more mobile phones in the world than TVs and PCs combined. Not all of them can access the internet, but this is changing rapidly. Mobile technology is changing the way we interact.

Where do QR codes come from?

Originally from Japan.

How many people use them?

In Japan, up to 50 million people daily. The rest of the world is catching on fast. See our case studies

What’s so revolutionary about Custom QR codes?

No typing, no searching, no waiting. Bypass Google. Just scan and go.

There are endless possibilities in tracking and analytics, security, marketing and data applications – but for most, the primary function is simply for connecting brands with consumers and vice versa.

Where can I use QR codes?

Anywhere and everywhere that you need a bridge between the real world and the online world – you’re only limited by your own imagination. Certain situations require caution, SETQR can advise when necessary.

Can anyone make a QR code?

Yes, a standard non-designer or unbranded code can be made by anyone, and it’s completely free and open source.

How do I download a QR code reader?

Many phones already have them built in. If not, it’s an easy, free download. We recommend Optiscan, Bakodo, Scan and Neoreader. Otherwise, check with your applications store or service provider.

Please note, there are hundreds of QR readers in App stores, with a wide variation of standards depending on regions – as we cannot marshal their quality, we cannot guarantee that our custom codes will scan on every single one.

What phones are capable of supporting a QR code reader?

Any Smartphone

How do I scan a QR code? Can you show me?

Point your phone's camera towards the QR code when your QR reader application is active. It will automatically read the code then connect online.

What’s a designer QR code?

One that is branded, and has the brand logo or corporate identity within the design – that still scans on the top 10 global QR reader systems.

Who invented Designer QR codes?

We did.

Why have designer QR codes?

Instead of a simple matrix of black and white modules, you can now incorporate your brand logo into the design.

This customises the look of the QR code to ensure brand ownership, whilst keeping the core function of the code intact. It does not replace the brand. It exists alongside it as a call-to-action.

See our case studies

Why are QR codes being hailed as a major new marketing revolution?

For many reasons. Here are the main ones:

  • Your website can configure itself accordingly whether it’s being accessed from a mobile or from a PC
  • Quantify the response rate to your QR code – no matter where it is, or what it’s for.
  • If your website is properly configured, you can track an extraordinary amount of information about the website visitors including visits, geography, incoming source, browser and operating system statistics.
  • This therefore allows you a ton of information about your potential customer, and leads directly to potential client data.It’s a marketing department’s dream.
  • Everything becomes trackable and measurable.


About Us

Original inventors of custom QR codes and the acknowledged global #1 company, SETQR are taking on the world.

With offices in Wellington and Tokyo, we’re pioneering the custom QR code revolution.

Our codes are appearing globally as multinationals, government departments, celebrities and SMEs all switch on to the exciting possibilities of custom QR codes.

SETQR keeps the core function of a QR code intact, whilst progressing it into a branded commodity. Logo, brand, campaign or other elements are incorporated into the design, making every code unique whilst retaining scannability.



These rates charged in equivalent value specific to your country. Please note vector-based files (.ai) - which allow you to enlarge your code with no upward limit - are an additional US$125/equivalent.

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